Product 1: Metabrew


Check out Mark’s interview with MetaBrew Founders here!

MetaBrew considers itself no less than the end-all, be-all of coffee-and-tea-based-buttered-energy-drinks (say that five times fast) and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

This fat-fueling drink mixed cold-brewed black tea or coffee with real ingredients like MCT oil, cashew butter, and organic raw superfoods like Baobab, Carob and Yacon Syrup. The result is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted—creamy, slightly sweet, and totally energizing.

The good folks at MetaBrew know what it’s like to chug cup after cup of coffee or tea, searching for that elusive perfect level of caffeination. By mixing a smaller amount of caffeine with blood sugar stabilizing fats and healthy superfoods, we can avoid the highs and lows of the caffeine roller coaster. MetaBrew takes the Buttered Coffee trend to the next level with a bottled brew that goes where you do.

Discover a better energy booster with a discounted MetaBrew 6-Pack. Test-drive both Coffee and Tea varieties for the ultimate productivity hack!

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