Edition #1 – It’s a whole new ball-game.

Welcome to the first edition of our updated Ritzfit Membership model!

Our long-time members will recognize the same commitment to clean ingredients, clean labels, and dirty prices, but our new model offers way more variety! Each month, we’ll be adding and subtracting super deals on squeaky-clean products, vetted as always by our ingredient experts.

To celebrate our relaunch, we’re rolling out a fantastic lineup from some of our favorite Ritzfit Partners. These companies take performance, nutrition and taste to the next level with incredible formulations designed to improve your daily life.

Whether you want sustained energy and mental clarity from Meta Brew, Real Mushrooms or Gold Nugget Mushroom Ghee, protein-rich snacks from Hemplete and Brooklyn Biltong, or a better craving buster from Better Almond Butter and Coracao Chocolate, there’s something in this month’s lineup for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at our April Member’s-Only Deals:


MetaBrew considers itself no less than the end-all, be-all of coffee-and-tea-based-buttered-energy-drinks (say that five times fast) and honestly, we couldn’t agree more!

This fat-fueling drink mixed cold-brewed black tea or coffee with real ingredients like MCT oil, cashew butter, and organic raw superfoods like Baobab, Carob and Yacon Syrup. The result is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted—creamy, slightly sweet, and totally energizing.

The good folks at MetaBrew know what it’s like to chug cup after cup of coffee or tea, searching for that elusive perfect level of caffeination. By mixing a smaller amount of caffeine with blood sugar stabilizing fats and healthy superfoods, we can avoid the highs and lows of the caffeine roller coaster. MetaBrew takes the Buttered Coffee trend to the next level with a bottled brew that goes where you do.

Discover a better energy booster with a discounted MetaBrew 6-Pack. Test-drive both Coffee and Tea varieties for the ultimate productivity hack!

Check out Mark’s interview with the founders below 👇

Gold Nugget Mushroom Ghee

Functional mushrooms are one of our favorite new ways to optimize health, and with Gold Nugget Mushroom Ghee, you get the benefit of healthy, grass-fed fats and amazing flavor too!

Gold Nugget was one of our original RitzFit features because of their commitment to making simple, nourishing ingredients taste absolutely amazing. Ghee is simply clarified butter, simmered slowly to remove the milk solids that often trigger reactions to lactose and casein. What’s left is a healthy fat rich, aromatic, and perfect for high-heat cooking. Gold Nugget’s Ghee is made from the milk of cows who graze on pasture all year, meaning it’s chock full of vitamin D and K-2!

Now, we’re excited to feature Gold Nugget’s brand NEW Mushroom Ghees! These two new ghees combine the powerful adaptogenic benefits of functional mushrooms with the tasty, healthy fat in ghee for an unbeatable delivery of nutrients and brain-boosting effects.

In Turmeric Lion’s Mane Ghee, Gold Nugget has fused together their full-year pasture-raised ghee with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, known for their incredible cognitive benefits, the vibrant roots turmeric and ginger, plus black pepper for increased absorption. It’s perfect for savory applications like cooking veggies or meats.

Tasty Chocolate Mushroom Ghee blends full-year pasture-raised ghee, cacao, a touch of honey and a mixture of Chaga, Turkey Tail and Reishi Enjoy, a boost for your mind, body, and vitality! We love spreading this ghee on fruit, blending in coffee or enjoying it by the spoonful.

These products retail together for $58 not including shipping, but your RitzFit membership gives you access to both these fantastic ghees at a bundle price of $37, plus FREE shipping! You won’t want to miss this fantastic chance to level up with functional mushrooms and nutrient-dense ghee.

Real Mushrooms Chaga and Cordyceps

The brain-and-body-boosting effects of functional mushrooms are all the rage right now, but do you know what you’re getting with your mushrooms?

Unlike many mushroom supplements, which are grown on grain and filled with useless starch, our favorite Real Mushrooms are made from the complete “fruiting body” of the mushroom. This makes for an incredibly potent medicinal mushroom product, and the best bang for buck — especially with the incredible deal we snagged for you!

Check out Mark’s interview with Real Mushrooms Founders here!

Real Mushrooms powders dissolve easily in hot water, coffee or smoothies, making them an easy addition to your wellness routine. We find they’re a perfect complement to our morning cup of coffee!

In this month’s deal, you can experience the performance-boosting power of Chaga and Cordyceps at a discounted cost. Rest easy knowing you’re getting the purest mushroom extracts on the market and enjoy!

Hemplete 6-Pack Variety Pack

We know how frustrating a trip down the protein bar aisle can be, and we’re here to offer an alternative.

The plant-based protein in Hemplete strikes a balance between complete protein and a short, healthy ingredient list! Too many plant-based proteins lack the complete amino acid profiles needed for muscle building and health.

Listen to Mark’s No Diet Podcast interview with Hemplete’s Founder Abe here!

Not so with Hemplete! Inside each Hemplete bar you’ll find a full complement of amino acids similar to that found in an egg. Each bar contains 14-15g of complete protein, less than 3g sugar, and more Omega 3’s than fish (ounce-for-ounce).

And best of all, it’s completely free of fillers, binders, gluten, or meat. Yep, it’s purely hemp seeds, hemp protein concentrate, and natural flavorings like cocoa, fruit and nut butter.

Try out all three flavors, Peanut Butter, Cocoa + Coco, and Cashew Berry in a 6-pack sampler during this month’s deal!

Brooklyn Biltong Variety Pack

What’s Biltong, you ask?

This dried beef is jerky’s South African cousin, but it’s so much more than the string, dried jerky most of us remember. Brooklyn Biltong is tender, flavorful, and completely free of fillers and junk.

Brooklyn Biltong is the brainchild of native South African Ben van den Heever and his wife, Emily. Ben grew up eating this traditional snack in his grandfather’s butcher shop and eventually decided to bring it to America. We’re glad he did!

Check out Mark’s No Diet Podcast interview with Brooklyn Biltong Founders here!

With 15 g of protein per serving, Brooklyn Bilton is the perfect snack to stash in your pocket or purse. Not only is it rich in satiating protein, but it completely skips the sugars, artificial preservatives, fillers and junk you’d typically find in American jerky.

Plus, Brooklyn Biltong has a heart for community and even donates 10% of proceeds, in the form of filling and tasty biltong, to The Homeless Bus in NYC. We love that!

This month we’re featuring a discount on Sample packs of Brooklyn Bilton so you can try their Original, Peri Peri and Steakhouse flavors yourself.

Better Almond Butter

You’ve probably tried almond butter, but we bet you didn’t know it could be better!

Better Almond Butter’s simple product is made better by one simple step: almonds are sprouted!
Sprouting, or soaking and baking nuts at a very low heat, increases the bioavailability of nutrients and improves digestion. If you feel any digestive distress after eating typical almond butters, Better Almond Butter’s sprouted varieties might be the key to almond butter enjoyment!

Check out Mark’s No Diet Podcast interview with Better Almond Butter Creator Jordy here!

Of course, we also love that Better Almond Butter is 100% Organic, gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, non-GMO, Whole30 compliant, and never contains any added oils. With Truly Raw chunky, Sweet and Salty smooth, and Toasted chunky, their selections have something for every nut butter lover.

Coracao Confections

Sure, dark chocolate is a health staple in many of our kitchens. But what if we could take things a step further with truly delicious, healthy and carefully-crafted chocolates free of the junk you’d find in a typical candy box?

Enter Coracao Confections.

Check out Mark’s interview with Coracao Founder Sean on the No Diet Podcast here!

Pure cacao beans are the basis of these tasty confections, which are completely free of corn syrup, GMO’s, refined sugar, preservatives, and anything else we can’t pronounce. What’s left is the vitamin and mineral-rich chocolate and carefully selected ingredients delivered as a better-for-you candy alternative.

Coracao’s confections go way beyond a simple bar of chocolate to include candy bars, truffles and other traditional candies. It’s everything you need in a healthy treat.

You’re going to love this deal!

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you’ve seen this month’s lineup, head over to our shop page to see our Forensic Nutrition Panel’s take on each product, check out Deal details, and learn more about these amazing Ritzfit approved companies. Welcome to the first edition of our updated Ritzfit Membership model!