What the heck is Ritzfit?

About Ritzfit and our Founder, Mark Ritz.

A membership site for the best natural products, period.

Mark Ritz is the natural product nerd behind The Ritz Marketplace. In 2016, Mark combined his passion for nutrition and fitness with nearly a decade of experience at Costco to create a new kind of membership site.

Mark’s interest in the natural products space grew from his own frustration in searching for healthier alternatives for his favorite foods. As he searched for products with only real ingredients, he shared them with his community on social media and on his first iteration of Ritzfit.com, but he quickly realized this wouldn’t be enough.

Mark wanted to know he was connecting people just like him with the products that SHOULD be on their grocery shelves. He wanted to save others from wasting valuable time reading labels, scratching their heads and leaving in frustration.

Ending diet dogma in favor of real ingredients!

Mark assembled a team of experts in nutrition, biology and ingredients who understood the nuances of labeling even better than he did. He began interviewing innovative product creators for the No Diet Podcast, a place where he could spread the word about ending diet dogma in favor of real ingredients.

Ritzfit 2.0 builds upon the original Ritzfit ethos and welcomes conscious consumers who share Mark’s passion for wellness.

Have any questions for us?

We’re growing and developing new products and services every day. If you have any questions, ideas, critiques… we’re all ears.

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