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Join Mark Ritz, and get your swag back! In his quest to find the cleanest food and nutrition products on the planet, Mark and his guests will introduce you to the healthiest foods and supplements on the market, as they celebrate the death of diets! No more fake supplements, fake foods, or fake ingredients. The No Diet Podcast throws your diet plan out the window and opens your world up to the foods you thought you couldn't eat while identifying supplements that are actually making a difference! With Ritzfit’s No Diet Podcast, you can finally eat what you want again without cramping your style. Plus, find some awesome products, people, and businesses that can help you along the way!

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113: Herb Infused Mini Muffins with Botanibites Creator, Sasha Bruno

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What was at first a series of kitchen experiments soon transformed into a passion of Sasha's, the founder of Botanibites. Sasha has always enjoyed experimenting and learning about food, wellness, herbal medicine and the like - and as a wellness enthusiast and herbal pharmacist, dietary concerns and nutrition were always key topics of conversation.

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112: Hacking Health 7 Months and 4661 Miles Away From Home with Nomad Mike Pastor

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Here's what to expect: 1. Why Mike is eating 3x the amount of carbs overseas 2. How Mike remains active while traveling for so long 3. Is it possible to look chizzled without lifting weights? 4. Bringing the floor closer to us... Mike designing furniture? 5. Our love-hate relationship with CrossFit All this an much much more on this edition of TNDP...

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109: The Metabrew- MCT & Nut-Buttered Coffee and Tea with Founders, Romy Raad, and Natalie Neumann

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Unique. That’s the word most people end up using when trying Metabrew for the first time. It’s not every day that you get to try something that apparently has coffee or tea in it, but also nut-butter? And some weird coconut oil thing? And various roots that sound the same backward as they do forward?

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108: Ritz & Spear Uncensored

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What’s more fun than getting to interview your co-host?? In today’s episode, you have the chance to hear Ritz & Spear go uncensored. AKA Tierney puts Mark in the hot seat to give you a deeper look into who he is & then Mark puts Tierney on the spot with some fun, interesting questions!

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107: Chi Kitchen Kimchi with Creator, Minnie Luong

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Chi Kitchen was founded by chef and culinary educator, Minnie Luong, who was born on a rice farm in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. She grew up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island with a food-obsessed family. Back then there weren't many Asian ingredients available in their local grocery stores, so her family grew and preserved they're our foods, as a way of connecting with their family and culture. ​

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106: True Made Foods with Founder, Abraham (Abe) Kamarck

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As a father of four and a healthy eater, Abraham Kamarck tried to limit his kids' ketchup intake, explaining it was like putting candy on their burgers. Part of him cringed at family cookouts as BBQ sauce and Sriracha flowed freely. But Abe inevitably lost these battles - especially the argument over ketchup with a five-year-old. So when the opportunity arose to create a better ketchup, he jumped.

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105: Pique Tea Crystals with Founder, Simon Cheng

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For 5,000 years, loose leaf tea brewed in pots has been an essential part of the Eastern health regimen. It tastes better, contains more active ingredients and leads to greater consumption. Every sip delivers potent antioxidants and tastes great, and this amazing experience reinforces the habit. Unfortunately, today's busy world makes it very difficult to brew loose leaf tea on a daily basis – the quality and frequency required to experience the health benefits of tea.

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104: Mama Joy Foods with Creator, Joy Leeper

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Mama Joy Foods is passionate about natural baked goods that are delicious and made with NOTHING artificial. They provide ready-made Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Grain-Free baked goods that contain NO refined sugars! They have many Paleo, SCD and Vegan food options to help people maintain their lifestyle of choice. This allows them more time to do what they love and keep being healthy.

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103: Wim Hof Method Expert, Kasper Van Der Meulen on Nutrition, Gut Health, and Conquering Your Greatest Fear with Breath Work

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For those of you haven't heard of Kasper Van Der Meulen you'll quickly learn why my brother and I had to reach out... Kasper is a Best Selling Author, Storyteller, Head Teacher of Wim Hof Academy, and Human Performance Expert. Kasper teaches people to be the healthiest, happiest and strongest version of themselves through transformative experiences and down-to-earth scientific understanding.

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