Curated deals for natural product nerds. Discover the most ingredient conscious brands in the industry!

With a Ritzfit membership, you get access to your own natural product farmers market, all products are approved by a group of ingredient experts. FREE shipping on everything.

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Do you struggle with finding products that meet your ingredient standards?

  • Do you love shopping for healthy products but get discouraged when you actually read the label?
  • Do you feel lied to when it comes to what's in your food and supplements?
  • Does shopping for healthy products give way to shopping for convenient products because you don't want to spend any more time looking?

Ritzfit Member

The membership is such an amazing value. I don't have to look at the ingredients on the label of the products that are featured or research the sourcing because I know it's already been done.

Lyndsey Dalton Working Mom

An Online Farmers Market for Natural Products?

Ritzfit feels like clicking into a farmer’s market for natural products.

You’ll shop an exclusive, curated list of the best vendors and their products.

Meet the product creators

Ritzfit approved vendors make special videos for our members!

Shop beneath the label

Attached to every deal - an interesting fact that simply can't be found on a nutrition label.

Track your membership savings

Track member savings every time you click add to cart.

We stock the marketplace by seeking out ingredient-conscious vendors, sending their ingredient list to the Ritzfit Qualitative Forensics Team for review, and including only those that meet our standards.

Do you settle for cheap ingredients?

So you’ve found some products you love, only to find out they've snuck in ingredients that you settle for because you don’t want to give it up, i.e. your favorite chocolate (come on somebody!)

You might even find yourself needing to give up the products you love because they cost too much (my biggest struggle...)

You hate settling for the cheaper options, but it happens. Cheap ingredients provide you with cheap calories, poor nutrient content, and toxic additives.

Here's a few ingredients I know piss you off:

  • Vegetable oils (the hot bar at whole foods smh)
  • Processed/added sugars 
  • GMO-soy 
  • Emulsifiers
  • Stabilizers

Do you feel like your local health food grocery stores are failing you?

Let’s be honest: not everything in your “health food store” is healthy.

Today’s food marketing is crafted to form addiction—addiction to the ingredients that produce the greatest profit margins at the expense of our health. Unfortunately, that includes “natural” products, too.

You’re a natural products nerd, but even you have fallen victim to misleading labeling. You know what I’m talking about— natural products that are anything but. Vegetable oils, emulsifiers, GMO soy, and processed sugars. You still find these ingredients at:

  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joes
  • At times even Thrive Market

You started this journey with a resolution to shop healthier because you were tired of all the lies on food and supplement packaging.

You’re tired of sabotaging your health out of convenience.

You want to shop clean and live longer for the ones you love.

Enter Ritzfit...

Here's What Natural Product Nerds Say About Ritzfit

Qualitative Ingredient Experts Have Your Back 

We even have the expert ingredient panel on hand to ensure companies are sourcing the best ingredients and following non-toxic processes.

Meet the current team:

Charles Barber
Founder and Formulator of Crucial Four Farms

Leanna Tu, MS, RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Christian Bates
Founder and Formulator of Longevity Power

Ashleigh Vanhouten
Primal Blueprint


Tyler Jean
B.S. Naturopathic Doctoral Candidate

Ariel Welch
NTP & Co-Founder of Treat Yourself Inc

Charles Barber

Founder and Formulator of Crucial Four

Christian Bates

Founder and Formulator of Longevity Power

Tyler Jean

B.S. Naturopathic

Doctoral Candidate

Leanna Tu




Ashleigh Vanhouten




Ariel Welch

NTP & Co-Founder of Treat Yourself Inc

So you might be wondering if this could really work for you. Don’t take my word for it. Check out this testimony of one of our members.


Let me tell you what-this guy is on the right track to change the health and wellness landscape. I love that he presents us with the companies dedicated to this change as well AND who are making real food available to us!

Angelique Trigueros PhD, Health Psychology

Ritzfit Member

RitzFit has been one of my favorite healthy-living resources to discover new products to try at amazingly discounted prices. With an incredible team working behind the scenes to vet each and every product, I always feel confident I'm getting the cleanest products on the market. Highly recommend!

Joe Scola Founder - Wise Ape Tea

Ritzfit Member

Ritzfit is awesome. The best way to try the healthiest food products on Earth. The prices are lower than even Amazon can swing. I am a member for life.

Sean Jewell Coracao Chocolate

Ritzfit Member

The membership is such an amazing value. I don't have to look at the ingredients on the label of the products that are featured or research the sourcing because I know it's already been done.

Lyndsey Dalton Working Mom

"I've been lucky to be a member since day 1 and have saved nearly $200 on products that I would have purchased just from podcasts."

Hayley Davis

I have purchased 4 deals and I've already saved $106. The prices beat Thrive Market and the products are much better quality. It really feels like I'm at the farmers market!

Nicole McManus

At Ritzfit we make it our undying passion to provide you with the products you want, with ingredients you can trust, and the prices you’ll love.

How do we do it? I thought you’d never ask.

How It Works

The three questions I get asked all the time...

1. How are products approved?

2. What are the prices like and is there free shipping?

3. Why do you offer 6-12 products?

1. We taste-test every product

We're all about the ingredients, but if the product lacks in taste it doesn't stand a chance.

2. Podcast interview

Interview the creator of the product on The No Diet Podcast to create 100% transparency for the member.

3. Submit ingredients

Send the ingredient profile and sourcing information off to the Qualitative Forensics Team for approval.

4. Negotiate savings 

Once the ingredients make the cut, we negotiate the best damn price for our members.

5. Always FREE shipping

Free shipping is a requirement no questions asked. Seriously who wants to pay for shipping?

6. Membership guarantee

Yearly members get 60 days no questions asked. Monthly members  can cancel anytime an get refunded their most recent payment.

We don't trick you into a sneaky membership fee

We know your time and money is valuable and we have no intention of wasting either. Click "Try the Club" now to see what we can offer you. It’s super simple to sign up and completely risk-free. Who knows? You might stay longer than you think.

So it's decision time:

You can continue down the path you're on now, I think we both know where the path leads...


you can discover products and ingredients that are actually made with your health in mind. Trust me - you, your family, and the environment will love you forever.

You choose which path to take. I'll try and make it easier for you...

We offer $10 in Ritzfit cash as soon as you join!

Yes, this means your first month is on us and you can use your credit to experience Ritzfit right away! 

At Ritzfit we KEEP IT SIMPLE. KEEP IT TASTY. KEEP IT HEALTHY. Would you let us be your personal shoppers?

To start saving immediately choose your plan below.

Still Not Convinced?

Seriously. Just like the products we offer - no surprises and no sneaky fine print. Still not convinced? Read on.

Why do I pay a membership fee?

Are you better than Thrive Market?

Can I cancel my membership and is it easy?

How many products will I have access to?

How does shipping work? is it free?

How much will I save?

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