How It Works

The three questions we get asked all the time...

1. How are products approved?

2. What are the prices like and is there free shipping?

3. Why do you offer max 60 products?

1. We taste-test every product

We're all about the ingredients, but if the product lacks in taste it doesn't stand a chance.

2. Podcast interview

Interview the creator of the product on The No Diet Podcast to create 100% transparency for the member.

3. Submit ingredients

Send the ingredient profile and sourcing information off to the Qualitative Forensics Team for approval.

4. Negotiate savings 

Once the ingredients make the cut, we negotiate the best damn price for our members.

5. Always FREE shipping

Free shipping is a requirement no questions asked. Seriously who wants to pay for shipping?

6. Membership guarantee

Yearly members get 60 days no questions asked. Monthly members  can cancel anytime an get refunded their most recent payment.

By now you're probably convinced Ritzfit is worth a try. What do you have to lose?

Still Not Convinced?

Seriously. Just like the products we offer - no surprises and no sneaky fine print. Still not convinced? Read on.

Why do I pay a membership fee?

Are you better than Thrive Market?

Can I cancel my membership and is it easy?

How many products will I have access to?

How does shipping work? is it free?

How much will I save?