FAQ 2017-09-06T05:35:54+00:00
Do you offer a free trial? 2017-09-06T05:33:25+00:00

Yes, we let you test drive the monthly Purple Membership for 30 days. After the trial is complete you will enter out $9.95/month plan.

How do I receive the products? 2017-09-06T05:34:25+00:00

After you buy a deal, you'll receive an email with your order confirmation from Ritzfit LLC. All order information is then sent to the Ritzfit partner via .CSV file containing shipping information. A follow-up email will be sent from the vendor to confirm the order has been received and therefore shipping will take place.

Refund Policy 2017-08-27T18:18:54+00:00

In the rare event, you feel the Ritzfit membership is not offering the value you had hoped 🙁 we will refund your most recent monthly membership fee in full. If on the annual plan; you get 90 days from the join date to request a full refund.

How do I cancel my membership? 2017-09-06T05:35:21+00:00