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Christian Bates, Founder & Formulator of Longevity Power

1 part eco lifestyle geek + 1 part herbal-superfood formulation genius + 1 part organic gourmet chef + a heavy dash of fitness = Christian Bates.

When Christian was 15, he lost 50 excess pounds in 6 months by biking and laying off sourdough bread. He realized that great habits and focus can have remarkable benefits and chose to eat, breathe and sweat health, fitness, and nutrition from then on.

He discovered the ‘missing food group’ of adaptogenic herbs and foundedĀ LongevityPower.comĀ where he formulates rare essential nutrition products for high performers who want a deeper state of health.

He lives in Northern California, eats the healthiest of fats, strength trains hard, and helps people awaken their birthright to thrive!

Where to find Christian:

Shop the Longevity Power Website

Instagram – @longevitypower