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Amanda Carneiro, Holistic Health Coach

Amanda Carneiro is a personal trainer, fitness nutritionist, and holistic health coach based in Los Angeles, California.

Amanda sought wellness in 2005 to overcome her lifelong battle with depression, anxiety, and an extra 30 pounds. After completely transforming her body and her mind, she began to help other people transform their lives, as well.

She believes proper and efficient digestion is the key to not only getting the body you want but also to preventing all diseases and feeling your absolute best. Always studying the latest research, reading and listening to everything health-related, Amanda uses that knowledge to make individualized recommendations to help her clients lose weight, feel energized, look radiant, and thrive.

She’s so happy to be invited to the RitzFit team, because of her passion for the highest quality foods and ingredients.

Because of her own digestive issues (and those of her clients), she’s been meticulously scanning and researching the effects of ingredients for over 10 years. While a product may be “healthy,” it may not be ideal for your digestive system.

Where to find Amanda: