Finally! A Place To Buy All-Natural Food Products Containing Only Real Ingredients

The Sourcing of our Products go Beyond the Nutrition Label...

You do your due diligence, shopping at stores claiming to only sell organic. But then realize even organic products STILL have additives! All you want is clean food products, containing ingredients you can pronounce.

And there’s more! You’ll be surprised to learn having the label “Organic” does not mean it’s truly organic. Food labeling laws are vague, and enforcement is too relaxed.

Here’s some facts about USDA labeling:

Did you know?

  • Products only need to contain 95% organic ingredients

  • Food companies can still use about 200 non-organic substances

  • Some of these substances don’t need to be labeled if it’s on the USDA allowable compounds

We want to take the frustration away from you. Imagine, having a team of ingredient experts analyzing each nutrition product inside out. Only then, we would sell it.

Ritzfit’s mission is simple,

  • Source companies that create 100% clean products

  • We look beneath the label and further into the ingredients

  • Provide our members with killer deals

If it passes our test process, only then, we carry it for sale. Just like you, we only want nutrition products which are free of toxins, foreign chemicals, and additives. Everything we sell here is good for your vitality, and nourishes your soul!

Think of us as your personal shoppers, who are as savvy about higher health as you are!

Natural Goodness At A Price You Can Afford

We hear it from nutritionists and dietitians. The majority of mass produced foods contain pesticides, toxins, and chemicals we’ve never heard of. We should eat the way mother nature intended so we stay healthy and thrive.

But If you’ve been into a Whole Foods Market, there’s a premium on quality food:( Even with the high prices, you’re only guaranteed up to 95% organic ingredients. And don’t forget, some ingredients are legally okay to not list! This is where the RitzFit membership comes in.

Members exclusively get dramatic savings each week delivered to their inbox and Facebook messenger, on products created by companies with your health in mind. Best of all, we only send you products that have been inspected by our team of experts, so what you buy is what you get. No hidden ingredients. You will NOT have to compromise on your health vs. price.

A New Way To Buy All-Natural Whole Foods With Assurance And Confidence

Cut through conflicting, confusing and misleading label information. We want you to focus on choosing foods you will enjoy. Our team is constantly searching for good companies taking control of what ingredients they put into their products. Going a step further, we perform comprehensive checks on all the products we source and offer. We make sure the products contain only what the labels say, free of any artificial flavoring, additives, and pesticides. Our commitment is clean. Nutritious. Delicious choices delivered each week to your inbox or Facebook messenger.

Break The Boredom And Try Something New Each Week!

We can’t 100% trust labeling. EVEN when it says organic, it can contain things you don’t know about. We’ve redefined the trust process to bring you food which will intrigue your taste buds. Each week you’ll get to be adventurous and discover new products at a fraction of the retail price! YES! Adventurous without worry on checking if the product is clean!

We do it all for you

  • Finding innovative food companies with great products

  • Go beyond the label to check ingredients

  • We negotiate to get our members the BEST deals, so you can try it, without premium pricing

Members Only: Get A Shortcut To Your Product Questions

Simply stated, Google has TOO MANY answers, we have simple answers to your questions in our Facebook group. You’ll no longer be stuck in a vortex of confusing reviews, and product claims. You will get access to the team behind choosing and filtering the products we offer each week. Plus, we’d like to hear from you. If you’ve found products worthy to be featured. If it passes our tests, we can work out a deal with the company for our RitzFit members.

But there’s even more, you’ll also get access to industry experts who were guests on our “The No Diet Podcast." These passionate leaders will be answering your questions, think of it as getting access to a “live Google” but with actual humans.

An interactive community made up of RitzFit members and guests from The No Diet Podcast. Building a team to impact the food space!

Mark and his guests will introduce you to the healthiest foods and supplements on the market, as they celebrate the death of diets!

I Invite You To Be The First To Join And Save

Our regular annual membership rate is $9.95/month, but for early supporters that join before October 1, you will only pay $47 for a whole year of deals! Plus you'll be locked in for $47/yr forever. That's just $3.91/month folks!

This small investment will give you access to​:

  • Huge savings off naturally sourced and screened products each week.
  • Access to the team of experts sourcing the products.
  • Access to a video resource library with industry experts only accessible from inside the membership.
  • Support small and local businesses going above and beyond to create healthy food products.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


A Peek At Some Of The Companies You’ll Be Getting Products From

I have interviewed the amazing creators of each one of these fine products that fit the standards developed by the RitzFit Team. The No Diet Podcast dives deep beneath the nutrition label...

Join The RitzFit Family And Save Huge!


Our offer is simple, after October 1st the yearly price goes changes to $9.95/month.  Join today for only $47 90 days risk free, that $3.91/month lifetime folks!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Louie Lo Bello & Mark Ritz
Founders of RitzFit

Who Are We?

We are two brothers from Columbus, Ohio, who are passionate about crash testing the cleanest foods and nutrition products on the planet. What started as a hobby has translated into a platform that allows others to crash test the same products, but without the Whole Foods Premium.

We believe change is needed when it comes to the complexity of grocery shopping, whether it’s from your phone, computer or good old classic brick and mortar, and we want to be on the cutting edge of contributing to that change. We believe we can help your company improve your reach as we validate the quality of your product!

RitzFit vs Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are expensive and less interactive. Below we have listed reasons why we believe you will enjoy having a RitzFit Membership over subscribing to a monthly subscription program. 


  • It's just $47/yr
  • Brings you one deal a week
  • Has a team of 5 experts sourcing the products
  • Focuses on small businesses with high quality products 
  • Is way more interactive by offering podcasts, webinars, and a Facebook group full of like-minded people
  • Offers a 90-day satisfaction-back guarantee

Subscription Boxes

  • Average $25/month
  • Send just 1 box/month
  • Don’t always disclose who is recruiting the products and if t
  • Only offer sample sizes that don’t allow enough to really take a “bite” out of the brand
  • Just send you a box and leave you to sort out the details without being able to re-order
  • Month to month

Here's a reminder of What You Get With Your Membership

  • Huge savings off naturally sourced and screened products each week
  • Access to a video resource library with industry experts only accessible from inside the membership
  • Access to the team of experts sourcing the products
  • Support small and local businesses going above and beyond to create healthy food products

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are passionate about finding you the best products, and stand by the products we offer 100%. If I can’t save you the cost of your YEARLY membership within 12 offers, I will refund your membership fee 90 days from when you joined. You don’t risk a cent!

Frequently Asked Questions

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P.S.:: You’ll not only be supporting small businesses that are built on passion and care. But we also only choose a company’s product if we were to give it to our own family. This is the mentality we have, our members are our family.

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