I Can Give You The Fish or Teach You To Fish! Stop The Madness Vol. 2, with James Connolly and Mike Pastor

Mike and James pick up where they left off as we continue our Stop The Madness banter. In this episode, Mike hashes out whether or not it’s possible to create healthy products or do we have to grow our own food? James spills his secret: How to make delicious f***ing food without opting for the filet mignon. Mike talks about the impact teaching has on the industry and the euphoric high that comes along with it. Finally what to Mike and James have up their sleeves with The Movement Academy?

Resources from the episode:

Vital Farms Eggs

Beekeeper’s Naturals

Mike’s Cleveland Movement and Mobility Workshop

Documentary- A Place At The Table

Check out Food is Fuel @ foodisfuel.org

The Bubble Foundation

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