Bonus: Stop The Madness VOL 1 with James Connolly and Mike Pastor (Debunking the Recent Coconut Oil Article Published by the American Heart Association)

James Connolly and Mike Pastor return to The No Diet Podcast to help me debunk the recently famous coconut oil article published by the American Heart Association. Should we believe everything we read? We have to understand that when something goes viral, it’s almost always indeed funded by powerful entities with lots of coin. In the episode, James reiterates the power of the vegetable oil industry, while also defining correlation studies. We also talk about the power of pharmaceutical companies and how they manipulate us into turning to drugs before food. Mike ways in on how to deal with individuals close to us who feed off of the tactical trickery. Stop the madness…

Resources from the episode:

Ancel Keys

The Framinhgam Heart Study

Marion Nestle

Chris Kresser

Dr. Josh Axe