127: Tierney Ties the Knot, Don’t Hate Someone for What They Eat, Plus the Ritzfit Pili Nut Deal!

Nutritional diversity means more to Ritzfit than simply eating diversely. It means to love one another regardless of how we choose to eat. Share your experiences with food and nutrition with zero *ucks given!

For example, if you don’t like someone because they eat meat then do us all a favor and click the unsubscribe button. Same goes for people who don’t like people because they eat vegetables.

With so much negativity surrounding us – food and nutrition should be the last thing that divides us.

Ritzfit commits to the following:

1. Love, Positivity, Kindness
2. Transparency
3. Ingredients

On a positive note, Ritzfit members have currently get access to a $50 eatpilinuts.com gift card for ONLY $37.

Yes, this means you can take advantage of their deals already having got a deal💥 Mic Drop 🎤

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