124: mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder with Creator, Charles Barber

On today’s episode – Founder of Crucial Four and Ritzfit Qualitative Forensic Expert, Charles Barber returns to the show to talk about his flagship product mBreakfast.

The Development of mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder started 10 years ago. With a 5000-year-old South American medicinal base formula, and 8 years of intensive wellness center practice with Medical Doctors and leading health experts. we now have the ultimate breakfast blend. mBreakfast Organic Superfood Powder is a versatile and convenient powder that can be blended into any beverage, baked or simply added to oats, yogurt or granola.

Charles has a ton of energy and passion for ingredients which is why he started his own company that provides some of the best ingredients in the world.

In the episode – not only do we dive deep into mBreakfast; we also learn a significant amount about cacao sourcing and why ingredient education is so important.

PLUS – Charles and I have put together one hell of a deal on mBreakfast for Ritzfit members.

You’re are going to love this episode…

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