122: Sippin’ on an Eurphoric Molten Chocolate Vitality Elixir with Drink Cacoco Founder, Liam Blackmon

It’s like drinking a fine ass glass of wine except for one thing… it’s not wine, it’s chocolate!

Drink Cacoco honors the ancient tradition of preparing cacao as a
molten chocolate vitality elixir with wholesome herbs and spices.

So, gather your friends and raise your cup to chocolate as itโ€™s meant to be experienced!

Rather than the standard processed cocoa powder, cane sugar, and milk, they add all organic superfood herbs and spices to their fair trade chocolate blends for an amazing vitality elixir with anti-oxidants, minerals, and essential fatty acids, as well as a pharmacopeia of bliss-inducing compounds that are most present in heirloom cacao varietals from healthy soil.

The result is a euphoric, delicious experience that makes the perfect start to any day, supplementing your coffee and tea time with chocolate as it’s meant to be!

CACOCO is the purest form of cacao directly sourced from beyond-organic farms, that not only improve the health of the environment but produce a chocolate that showcases the finer nuances of well-maintained soil and cultivation and highlights the terroir of the region.

Each purchase you make of CACOCO Drinking Chocolate directly supports the vision of a planet where natural ecosystems are managed intelligently, resources are utilized respectfully, and people are treated well at each step of the process.

They currently source all of their heirloom cacao from organic and regenerative farms in Ecuador. CACOCO is currently working in tandem with Terra Genesis International (TGI)* to build a regenerative network of businesses committed to rebuilding supply chains based on regenerative principles.

Enjoy my conversation with the founder, Liam Blackmon ๐Ÿ™‚


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