121: Medicinal Mushroom Ghee has Arrived! Live from Paleo FX, 2018, with the Founders of Real Mushrooms and Gold Nugget Ghee

What happens when two Ritzfit approved product creators collaborate to make a product together?

I’m excited to introduce to you Medicinal Mushroom Ghee brought you by the creators of Gold Nugget Ghee and Real Mushrooms!

I had the opportunity to interview two of my favorite product creators for the second time. What was super rad about this interview was the fact it was live from Paleo FX in Austin, TX!

I’ve known for a long time that this collaboration was in works, and I’m not sure there was anyone more excited than me.

Skye Chilton is the founder and creator of the Real Mushrooms brand that Ritzfit Nation has come to love and respect. Daniel Draskinis is the founder and formulator of Gold Nugget Ghee; another Ritzfit approved favorite.

These brand new GNG products feature medicinal mushrooms! They are adaptogens, allowing your body to connect with optimal health. Medicinal mushrooms like reishi are some of the most studied foods on the planet. They can serve a range of function from providing a chance to let down your body’s stress response, to an immune boost, to growing neurons in your brain.

The two new products include a chocolate mushroom ghee which consists of an organic mushroom blend consisting of Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail extracts and finally the Lion’s Mane Turmeric Ghee.

Tune in to learn more about how this fantastic collaboration became a reality. Plus learn more about the current state of the mushroom supplement industry and how to spot the low integrity products.


Both Mushroom Ghee products plus Chaga and Cordyceps extracts by the Real Mushrooms brand are available to Ritzfit members at a VERY SPECIAL DEAL! 

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