120: Imagine Eating ONLY Meat for 60+ Days… with the Biohacking Chick, Sylvia Tabor

A controversial and exciting episode about the Carnivore Diet…

The mysterious Sylvia Tabor was born and raised in a small village in Southern Poland. She came to the US when she was 13 years old.

She loves self-experimentation and quantifying anything and everything, especially health and wellness.

I wish I could write a beautiful lengthy excerpt about Sylvia, but it’s just not possible. Don’t believe me?

Check out Sylvia on Instagram @biohacking.keto.chick

Listen, folks, there’s a reason I call Sylvia mysterious; her content is incredibly powerful and left for interpretation by the viewers.

Since I opened my Instagram account, this has been my favorite account to follow.

What fascinates me most about Sylvia and her message is that she never really shows her face. I’m not sure if she consciously does this, but my belief is that she wants everyone to figure out ways to optimize their own lives.

DON’T do the things that Sylvia does because she is doing them…

Simply imagine yourself testing the limits of health and wellness into a reality. Only then can you optimize your own life.

I have tried for over a year to get Sylvia on the show, and when I followed her carnivore diet experiment religiously, I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Sylvia has been a massive part of Ritzfit recommendations, so I would appreciate you lending your ears for this one:)

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