119: How to Fight SIBO & Lyme Holistically, with Candice Berman

Candice Berman is a health & wellness enthusiast who is giving SIBO & Lyme Disease a good fight.

She shares raw truth, real talk & positive vibes to those who follow her & may be suffering with these illnesses as well. Candice has worked hard to create a space for others to support one another without any limitations.

Candice has created her following to provide a safe space to inspire & uplift one another who are on a journey to a happier & healthier self. Rather than compare & judge, she focuses on a community built around empowerment.

Listen in as Mark & Tierney dig deep into Candice’s health history & uncover a plethora of knowledge about these conditions. And be sure to stay to the very end to hear Candice’s answers for the infamous rapid fire round questions!

Here’s what they cover:

  1. Where did Candice’s story begin & when did she developed both SIBO & Lyme?
  2. How Candice is using food to heal? How is she keeping her immune system healthy with real food?
  3. Tierney & Candice nerd out on gut health & share their top tips!

Resources from the episode:

Digestive Enzymes 


Nuco Coconut Crunch Cereal

Chasing Joy Podcast

Better Everyday Podcast

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