115: OHi Superfood Bar – Spreading a Little Aloha One Bar at a Time with Creator, Dawn Anderson

Ohi Bar founder, Dawn Anderson, lived on energy bars for years. She believed they were the “healthy” choice for convenient snacks in her busy life of travel. But as Dawn began to educate herself about nutrition and clean, healthy living, she realized the standard energy bar packed with chemical additives and unwanted ingredients were not her best choice.

She made it her mission to develop a clean, whole food, delicious tasting bar that would leave her feeling nourished and satisfied.

After months of experimenting and perfecting her nutritious AND delicious blend, Dawn began selling her bars at local Maui farmers markets. The bars quickly grew in popularity and soon hit stores in Hawaii as the bRAW Superfood Bar. They soon became so popular their demand expanded to the mainland. To represent her beginnings, Dawn wanted to bring a piece of Hawaii with her on this journey and create a name that fit her mission. Thus OHi Food Co. and the OHi Superfood Bar were born. OHi in Hawaiian means “To Gather” and in Maori means “To Rise, To Elevate”.

At OHi they’re passionate about providing nourishment to their communities and ‘Ohana by staying conscious and transparent about the ingredients they choose to put into your food.

As a company, they’re committed to elevating those around them through simple food and simple kindness, so we all rise, all shine, and all thrive!

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