111: Further Food with Founder/CEO Lillian Zhao

Collagen Peptides are a well sought after supplement on the market. Whether you are looking for overall health, better hair, nails & skin, or even optimal gut function, collagen has something for everyone!

Further Food is a company that is working to set themselves apart from the other companies in the space who sell collagen peptides as well.

You see, Further Food is a company that was born from each founding members own personal experience with chronic illness. Whether that was diabetes, autoimmune disease or digestive issues. They were looking for a way to take their health further!

Further Food is also a company that focuses on a community-built education platform for holistic health solutions where people, including the founders, can become their own health advocates & supports one another.

As a company, they take the wisdom & the feedback from their community to create real-food based supplements that help promote optimal health & wellness.

Further Food has expanded to reach people around the world, create a new line of product, & uses their revenue to give back to those in need. A portion of their proceeds is donated to chronic illness & healthy eating programs!

They’re on a mission:

To help you eat better,

Go further, naturally!

Enjoy our conversation with the founder, Lillian!

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