110: Sauna Like a Boss – 4 Simple Hacks to Optimize the Benefits of Sitting in a Sauna

The Mitolifer, Matt Blackburn returns to the show to talk about his sauna routine.

With so many known benefits of chilling in a sauna, I had to pick the Mitolifers brain.

I am an avid consumer of Matt’s stories on Instagram, so when I saw he was bringing in different concoctions to the sauna, I had to find out what was inside.

In the episode, you’ll learn how to optimize your sauna benefits with four simple hacks.

1. What accessories do I bring with me into the sauna?

2. What do I drink in the sauna?

3. When is the best time to sit in the sauna?

4. How long do I sit in the sauna? How long is too long?


Golden Designs Saunas

Matt’s Sauna Youtube Video – 3 Powerful Sauna Elixirs

Alexander Wunsch Vimeo Channel

Luke Storey

Omica Organics – For water-soluble turmeric and ginger

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