108: Ritz & Spear Uncensored

What’s more fun than getting to interview your co-host??

In today’s episode, you have the chance to hear Ritz & Spear go uncensored. AKA Tierney puts Mark in the hot seat to give you a deeper look into who he is & then Mark puts Tierney on the spot with some fun, interesting questions!

In this episode, we will cover:

  • The reason behind the name “Ritzfit”
  • Some of the struggles Mark faces within his business
  • What Mark would be doing if he wasn’t a badass professional podcaster & food investigator
  • The craziest DM Tierney has gotten
  • Why Tierney refers to her fiancé as “hunky”

As well as some of Mark & Tierney’s favorite podcast shows.

Stick around to the very end to be sure you hear our proposition for bringing on a guest speaker! 

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