103: Wim Hof Method Expert, Kasper Van Der Meulen on Nutrition, Gut Health, and Conquering Your Greatest Fear with Breath Work

For those of you haven’t heard of Kasper Van Der Meulen you’ll quickly learn why my brother and I had to reach out…

Kasper is a Best Selling Author, Storyteller, Head Teacher of Wim Hof Academy, and Human Performance Expert.

Kasper teaches people to be the healthiest, happiest and strongest version of themselves through transformative experiences and down-to-earth scientific understanding.

He went from being overweight, burnt out and unhappy, to developing superhuman focus, fitness, and personal freedom. Kasper put himself through numerous experiments and challenges; He took ice baths, mastered his physiology through breathing, climbed icy mountains in just his shorts, ran ultra-marathons barefoot, tested countless diets, read a ton of scientific literature and explored as many esoteric practices he could find.

The Wim Hof Method connects all of those dots and has helped him provide life-changing experiences for thousands of people.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the episode:

1. Wim Hoff Method Intro

2. What role does food play in Kasper’s ability to practice and teach the Wim Hoff Method

3. Kasper’s thoughts on dairy for digestion and performance

4. Kasper’s experience with the supplement, Restore

5. Kasper coaches me through one of my most significant failures

Resources from the episode


Kasper’s Book- Mindlift: Mental Fitness for the Modern Mind

Restore Supplements

The Wim Hof Method

Follow Kasper on Instagram @kaspersfocus

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