102: Brooklyn Biltong with Creator, Ben van den Heever

Ben van den Heever, the creator of Brooklyn Biltong, is taking the beef jerky world by storm! After creating their product on a whim, also the day after their wedding, Ben and his wife Emily began to shake their love for biltong with family, friends, and the world!

Brooklyn Biltong was founded on two goals:

1. To bring biltong to America

2.Make a difference in their Brooklyn neighborhood

Biltong is more than a snack; it’s a substantial, sugar-free, artificial preservative free, protein. Too many protein snacks are made with fillers and junk.

Think of biltong as beef jerky’s better-looking brother.

Brooklyn Biltong is made for consumers to have a healthy jerky option, and also to ensure those less fortunate have something to eat as well. At the core of their company, Brooklyn Biltong gives back to the community often!

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