100: We All Have Room To Grow…

In the 100th episode of The No Diet Podcast, I express my gratitude for those who have supported me up to this point.

I have proven to myself that I’m not going anywhere until I make some noise in the food an nutrition space. I’m not the expert… I merely lend all my attention to this confusing and complicated food and nutrition space, specifically ingredients. I phene the growth.

I also believe ingredients motivate the entire food and nutrition industry; They determine price, availability, and agriculture. The mission is to contribute to the improvement through more and more conversations…

In the episode, Tierney and I discuss why we’re bringing product creators to the show who may have a product that would NOT be approved for the Ritzfit.com platform.

We also mention some new exciting developments with something called e-labels.

Plus learn more about the upcoming launch of Ritzfit.com.

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Enjoy episode 100 everyone 🙂