094: The Power of Food; Plus Biohacking the Workplace with Adam Hart

Adam Hart’s Mission is to Help 100 Million People Experience How it Feels to Live with More Energy!

After dealing with his own lifelong, health issues, he realized so many of his friends and family were struggling with the same symptoms he was – they were over-stressed, under-nourished and unhappy.

Adam made it his mission to share the good news with them, of the idea that you can start living with more energy today, without giving up anything to get it.

The “Power of Food” was created to fulfill this mission. Since starting in 2003, he’s worked passionately to create products and services that support his “Power of Food” audience towards an elevated level of energy.

Adam has since added biohacking to his quite impressive resume of health knowledge!

With this knowledge, he’s currently constructing a new platform to help the workplace biohack their work performance while also focusing on helping you navigate the six hacks of biohacking.

Adam’s new site is called clearimpact.io and is coming soon!

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