093: How do I Know Which Probiotic to Take?

Questionnaire- Sarah Gallenberg @sarah.gallenberg

Expert- Charles Barber @crucialfour

Today’s question comes from Sarah, who has a question about probiotics. There is a lot of noise surrounding the daunting topic, and like her, I wonder some of the same things:

1. Which probiotic to take?

2. Soil-based?

3. Refrigerated or nonrefrigerated?

4. How many strains?

Returning to the show to answer Sarah’s question is Charles Barber of crucialfour.com!

Crucial FOUR is a metabolic supporting, heirloom food movement designed to help the self-regulating process in the human body.

The Crucial FOUR missing food groups — Superior Herbs, Medicinal Mushrooms, Algaes, and Biotic extracts—are all utilized in Crucial FOUR’s products. Giving you energy in the morning, vitality at the gym, creative prowess at work & endurance to do the things you love is crucial to achieving & maintaining a healthy quality of life.




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