091: The Lupini Bean AKA The Miracle Bean with BRAMI Snacks Founder, Aaron Gatti

Imagine a bean with ZERO net carbs, that is being referred to as the “miracle bean” & comes in 5 delicious flavors!

Thousands of years ago, Roman warriors heavily relied on this “miracle bean” to fuel them on long campaigns. And unfortunately, this Mediterranean superfood has been overlooked in America…. until now!

BRAMI Snacks have:

50% MORE protein than chickpeas

80% FEWER calories than almonds

2.6x MORE minerals than coconut water

35% MORE fiber than oats

Feel hungry yet? There is no better snack than BRAMI!

It’s packed with protein & fiber to both satisfy & energize you, but low in calories, carbs, fat & sugar, so it does not compromise your diet or leave you feeling sluggish.

Conquer hunger. Feel good.

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