088: Paleo By Maileo with Summer & Aleksey Frenkel

Summer & Aleksey Frenkel are partners in both business & in life. And they understand your paleo struggles because they’ve been there too.

About 4 years ago, Summer & Aleksey started their journey on the path of paleo enlightenment. After suffering with bad skin, indigestion problems, weight issues, and feeling fed up with their bodies, they stumbled upon the paleo lifestyle.

They wanted to treat their bodies like the biological machines that they are & feed them only the best!

However, Summer & Aleksey noticed there was something missing. They found themselves craving paleo foods that just didn’t exist!

And that’s where Paleo By Maileo came in. To bring you a one-stop shop for paleo food & snacks and to give you that spark to continue to stay healthy & feed your inner machine!

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