085: The No Diet Podcast Welcomes New Co-Host, Tierney Spear

Tierney is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. She’s obsessed with health and nutrition and finding ways to live a natural, happy life!

For years she was the girl who was ALWAYS SICK. She ALWAYS had a stomach ache, was continually canceling plans & leaving social events early.

Tierney went from spending hours in the bathroom & afraid to go out >>> to being able to live her life carefree, unchained from the bathroom & truly HEAL her gut!

She was introduced to proper nutrition, wellness routines & all-natural remedies; it’s made all the difference.


Tierney brings a powerful female perspective to the show. She also specializes in teaching women how to get to the bottom of their digestive health issues. If you like to talk about poo, she is your girl!

The mission @ RitzFit is always to create more transparency in the food space. Someone who goes the extra mile and digs beneath the label is exactly what this show needs.

Let’s give Tierney a warm RitzFit welcome to the show!!

Resources from the episode:

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Check out Tierney’s website @ nourishsproutthrive.com

Follow her story on Instagram @nourishsproutthrive 

Join her Gut Healing Tribe today! 

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