081: Better Almond Butter with Creator, Jordyn Gatti

Jordyn Gatti created Better Almond Butter to be a part of the change we need to fix our food system and start bringing real and nutritious food back to our grocery stores and back to our tables.

The core principal for Better Almond Butter is to create the most wholesome, natural and delicious food products responsibly, simply put – better food made a better way. Jordyn is a firm believer that the future does not just occur passively, but that it’s created by the actions and ideas of individuals and organizations. Every decision he makes with Better Almond Butter is to make sure it’s a company that is part of those actions and ideas that bring about the necessary future of our food system.

Better Almond Butter almonds come from an organic, farm in Spain, where pasteurization is not required (in fact, the US is the only country that requires it’s almonds to be pasteurized). Because they use unpasteurized almonds, they’re able to soak and sprout them. Sprouted almonds allow your body to fully absorb the nutritional value of the almonds and break down the almond’s phytic acid – an enzyme inhibitor that makes the almonds challenging to digest.

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