076: Supplement Transparency with Natural Stacks Co-Founder, Roy Krebs

All great companies are started to solve a problem. When you look at the supplement industry… well there are more than a few.

To put it bluntly, Natural Stacks was tired of all the phony advertising, “proprietary formulas,” and the shady practices found in this industry. I’m sure you’ve seen the reports in the news of companies stuffing supplements with cheap fillers or spiking supplements with illegal ingredients. It’s insane.

The team at Natural Stacks wasn’t willing to compromise their own health or the health of their loved ones by taking products stuffed with synthetic ingredients and that have no scientific support.

Most supplement companies let their manufacturers source the ingredients in their formulas. The manufacturer’s incentive is to increase their margins. They do this by using low-cost commodity grade ingredients from unvetted suppliers. Often the ingredients are synthetically produced to mimic a natural compound and have not been tested for safety or pharmacological activity. Not Natural Stacks. They source 100% of their ingredients meaning that they control the entire supply chain. Their ingredients are grown with integrity and consistently processed for maximum potency and bioavailability.

This dedication to the highest quality natural ingredients ensures that their products work exactly as they are designed to with full efficacy. Their meticulous sourcing features the World’s most respected ingredients including Magtein™, BioPQQ®, Quatrefolic®, NovaSOL®, and Quali-C®.


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