075: Braised Bone Broth Company with Kate Brown

The recipes Brasied Bone Broth uses to make their products originate in the Midwestern farming-family kitchens of their ancestors. This tradition, love, and history that Kate Brown chooses to carry forward is at the heart and soul of their company.

Bone broth is indeed a staple of many rural homes where the ethic is still to put every resource to good use—including the bones most modern cooks throw away. As marinara sauce is central to any Italian family legacy, so is bone broth to Kate, an Iowa girl with humble roots. The rich broth her mother used to make was born of frugality and practicality, not for the health benefits, it has become known for today. The aroma of Mom’s made-from-scratch soup in their home is a memory she’ll never forget. Little did she know the nourishing broth made from honest and simple ingredients was the foundation of their family’s good health and the inspiration for the products of BRAISED Bone Broth Company.

Kate’s college studies focused on nutrition and she became interested in the long-held folk belief in the healing properties of the homemade bone broth she had known since youth. Kate began to use bone broth consistently as a lifestyle practice (and for focused cleansing) which worked wonders for her digestive health, immune system, inflammation, and overall sense of well-being. Since starting this regimen – 10 years ago now – She too has become known for her wholesome kitchen serving broth to her family, friends, and clients and continuing a tradition passed from generation to generation. Visit her home today, and you are sure to be greeted by a batch of braised bones slowly simmering to savory perfection. And while Kate might have updated her mother’s recipe a bit, the nostalgia is the same with each sip.

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