074: 5 New Biohacking Gadgets and Tactics with Aussie Biohacker, Dayne Barkley

Biohacking continues to take the health industry by storm…

Soon after graduating from IIN in 2015 Dayne Barkley enrolled in the Primal Health Coach Certification Program which took him deep into ancestral health and biochemistry. He implemented almost everything into his life that he was learning and noticed significant improvements, especially in his cognitive function.

Dayne’s thirst for learning continued to grow, he was introduced to Dave Asprey a biohacker that hacked his own body to function optimally and began to voraciously consume his podcast and content. Not long after at the beginning of 2016 Dayne enrolled in the second intake ever at the Bulletproof Training Institute and had just recently graduated and can proudly say he is now 1 of only 4 of Australia’s first ever Certified Bulletproof Coaches.

Tools from the episode:

Momental Nootropic

Baxter Blue Glasses- (use code DAYNE20 for 20% off)

Iris- Software for eye protection, health, and productivity

Primal Cold for Men– Jetpack Cold Pack

Skulpt Performance Training System

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