073: The IQ Bar aka Brain Food with Will Nitze

While studying psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, Will Nitze became fascinated with the human brain. Then, upon entering the workforce, he began experiencing difficulties with his own brain. Mental fatigue and lack of clarity were daily struggles. In search of a quick-and-easy solution, Will turned to sugary snacks and caffeinated drinks, though this just made matters worse – adding sharp energy crashes to his list of cognitive issues.

Desperate for stability, Will researched and self-tested every lifestyle alteration he could think of. Improved exercise and sleep failed to move the needle. Amphetamines and “nootropic” pills entailed an unacceptable risk of dependency and adverse side effects. Eventually, he discovered and experimented with the grain-free, high-healthy-fat diet promoted by brain nutrition experts like Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Mark Hyman. Within weeks of trading bread and pasta for nuts and avocados, he achieved a remarkable rebound in his cognitive performance!

Astonished by the impact diet had on his mental acuity, Will vowed to share his experience with millions of others struggling to stay sharp. He decided the best way to accomplish this goal was to create and democratize “brain food” himself. Thus, he set out on a year-long mission to develop all-natural nutrition bars with ingredients shown to support both short-term cognitive function, and long-term brain health. Finally, in October of 2017, IQ Bar was born!


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