070: Bare Bones Broth with Founder, Ryan Harvey

After the passing of his father and grandfather, Ryan Harvey turned to nutrition and exercise and committed himself to a life of health and wellness in hopes that he wouldn’t succumb to the same fate. He realizes while he can’t control his genetics, he can control how he fuels and treats his body. Something he’s convinced can change genes and add quality and longevity to life.

When Ryan joined the military at age 19, he became obsessed with exercise, eventually discovering CrossFit and subsequently the paleo lifestyle. A big part of paleo is eating foods that are local and in-season, just as you would if you still had to hunt, raise, grow and harvest your own food.

He became fascinated with food, and enrolled in culinary school post-military, going on to earn an internship at Nine Ten Restaurant & Bar in La Jolla, California. He quickly realized the chef life wasn’t for him. He loved working with local farms and ranches, always using the best seasonal ingredients and pastured meats. But the crazy hours, egos, and poor diet left him undernourished, stressed out, and deflated.

The greatest thing happened during Ryan’s time in the restaurant. It dawned on him that chefs, the very people who created and live the farm-to-table movement that he loves, are some of the unhealthiest people on the planet. To them, it’s not about health or food as fuel; it’s about flavor. It’s about taking ingredients when they are in their prime and telling their story on a plate. They eat, sleep and breath the farm-to-table movement, but almost none of them approach food with an emphasis on health and nutrition.

Chefs drive the trends we see in food. They create trends that make their way into the packaged foods we buy each week at the market. Chefs have the biggest voice in influencing the way people interact with and consume food. Yet, none are telling the story in a way that will inspire people to eat for health and longevity, despite having all of the ingredients right in front of them (pun intended).

Ryan decided he wanted to tell a different story. And what better way to begin his story than to take the base of all cooking (stock) and reinvent it. What if he could take this timeless staple, used in kitchens around the world for generations, and breathe new life into it not just as an ingredient, but as a source of serious nourishment, while simultaneously telling the farm-to-table story so important to the health of our food system.

Stock making is the oldest and most widely taught tradition in cooking, so BBB honors and embodies this tradition in everything that they do, taking absolutely zero shortcuts.

Bare Bones Broth was born…

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