061: Recipes of Gold with Leah Goldglantz, Creator of Leahsplate.com

Prior to living in South Florida, Leah Goldglantz resided in New York City (in her early to mid-twenties). She has such a love for New York, but always felt exhausted, unmotivated and didn’t feel right about herself in general. She decided to leave NYC to “start over” in a new environment that would enable her to live a healthy lifestyle and get to a better place both physically and emotionally. She packed up her bags and moved to sunny South Florida! Upon moving, Leah began my incredible journey of wellness. She learned to cook simple, nutritious meals using wholesome ingredients that didn’t take a lot of time to make. She also started doing yoga a few times a week because it calmed her body and mind. She even became passionate about non-toxic and organic beauty and household products. Leah began to realize that eating healthy was her true passion in life. Most of her friends were already starting to become established in their careers, and she hadn’t felt that she had found her niche or true calling yet. When she realized the abundant amount of benefits that came along with consuming nutritional, whole foods and living a healthier lifestyle, Leah finally knew she had found her passion. Her true calling in life was to share all her knowledge with others. She now shares through her very successful food blog called Leah’s Plate!

Resources from the episode:

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