053: Taking Food Back to a Simpler Time with Lenny Lebovich, CEO of Pre Brands

PRE is changing the game. Taking taste back to its roots. Pre knows the food that’s naturally delicious begins with, well, nature. So they bring a modern approach to old-fashioned methods: the highest animal welfare practices, open grazing conditions, natural diet and ongoing quality checks, all to ensure that you get the best experience every time. The best grass-fed beef requires the best grass and nutrient-rich soil. Pre finds the countries with the conditions and practices that allow them to grow the healthiest, most nutrient dense grass year around. Then they take it a step further, pinpointing the exact regions within those countries that produce the very best of the best. No added hormones, antibiotics, and absolutely no feedlots! Enjoy my conversation with the CEO of Pre Brands, Lenny Lebovich…

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