052: Build Your Very Own Organic Oasis with the Host of The Organic Gardener Podcast, Jackie Marie Beyer

Do you grow a garden each year? Do you just love the taste of a homegrown tomato in summer? Are you disappointed with the produce in your market in the middle of winter? Does the price of organic vegetables at the grocery store make you cringe? Are you looking to expand your garden to grow enough produce to feed your family throughout the year? Then this is the place for you! Mike and Jackie Marie Beyer will teach you how to create your very own organic oasis! From replacing tomatoes on your salads with flavorful pickled beets in winter to creating lettuce wheels that provide prolific salads all summer long we’ll share tips and techniques to help you from sprout to harvest using the best earth-friendly techniques that will not only help you to thrive but care for our planet too!

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