050: The Blogger Behind Addicted to Lovely, Christina Rice

The blogger behind Addicted to Lovely, discusses all things related to wellness, health, food, fitness, beauty, #realtalk, inspiring people, and more. She’s also the creator of Actually Adultish, a podcast all about surviving as a young adult in today’s world, as well as the brand new released podcast, Straight Up Paleo. Christina Rice received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA with a minor in film and television in 2017, having taken nutrition courses such as The Balanced Bites Master Class along the way. She is currently studying to become a primal health coach and certified personal trainer. She will be studying to become a nutritional therapy practitioner in the fall of 2017. After years of personal research and experimentation, she has learned a lot about how to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle for her body while addressing a number of health issues that plagued her throughout her life.

Resources from the episode:

Addicted To Lovely Blog

Actually Adultish Podcast

Straight Up Paleo Podcast

Erewhon Market

Primal Kitchen Restaurants 

MRT Test

Magnesium by Designs for Health

Peppermint Tea for Digestion

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