048: The Kreuder’s Story of Their 2XL Premium Angus Beef

After several years of row cropping the farm, Shelly and Glenn Kreuder realized they needed to find a better way to conserve their top soil and to utilize the farm to its fullest potential, with a strong commitment to long term sustainability. They wanted to hand down the farm to the next generation in better condition than when they started. Out of this desire, the idea of raising premium quality Angus Grass-Fed Beef was born.

In 2013, with the help of their daughter, Amanda, and son-in-law, Adam, they began the transformation of the farm back to a cattle grazing operation, converting the row crop land back to pastures, building fences, digging water lines and growing the cow herd. They attended classes provided by the University of Idaho, the University of Missouri and Iowa State University focused on rotational grazing and grass finishing cattle.

Today, they have over 130 Registered Angus cows, and their calves, that they’re raised on grass from conception to finish on their 450-acre farm. Every day brings new challenges and adventures on the farm, but Glenn and Shelly are humbled to work with these wonderful creatures on the land that they love on a daily basis. There are proud to sell their high-quality Grass-Fed Beef direct to the consumer through 2XL Premium Angus, LLC and provide superior quality Angus breeding stock to their fellow cattle producers through 2XL Cattle Company, LLC.

2XL Premium Angus Website

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