038: Real Organic Medicinal Mushroom Extracts with Nammex Founder, Jeff Chilton

Since 1989, Nammex has pioneered the development and manufacture of medicinal mushroom extracts for the nutritional supplement industry. Nammex specializes in medicinal mushroom products and is the premier supplier of organically certified mushroom extracts to nutraceutical and nutritional supplement companies. Their commitment to quality and 35 years of mushroom growing experience is your guarantee of a safe, certain and highly effective product.

Because they focus entirely on mushrooms, they have been able to identify the active compounds in their products with an aggressive program of research and development. Nammex mushroom extracts are defined by scientific analysis. This means that you can guarantee to your customers that the important active compounds for which mushrooms are well known will be present. The Nammex mushroom testing fingerprint is fast becoming the industry standard.

Their medicinal mushroom product line is a complete source for wholesale distribution to nutraceutical, functional food, and tonic drink manufacturers. Nammex offers guaranteed quality standards based on accredited Good Manufacturing Practices. They have a complete line of Organically Certified mushroom powders and extracts and they offer quick and reliable shipments within North America. Medicinal mushrooms are their specialty.