036: The Best Gelato, Vegan or Otherwise, Ever Created with Vixen Kitchens Sundara Clark

Vixen Kitchen Paleo Vegan Gelato is a labor of love inspired by Sundara Clark’s two girls Gigi and Lola. Like most kids, they love sweets. The problem came when Sundara went to read the labels of some of their favorite treats. They were filled with junk created in a chemistry lab instead of a kitchen. So she created this gourmet vegan gelato that she’s confident will satisfy your cravings and high standards-It’s both delicious and nutritious. It can be enjoyed daily without guilt and it’s 100% organic! The best part is it’s filled with simple wholesome ingredients even a six-year-old can pronounce. Sundara has created a dessert that tastes amazing but has the nutritional profile of a superfood densely loaded with minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. Try it for yourself and be amazed!

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