032: Superior Snacking with Supernola Founder, Cindy Poiesz

Cindy Poiesz is passionate about truly good foods for your body that taste absolutely amazing. The founder of Supernola is here to help make that healthier option a whole lot easier, to help you tackle your demanding day with sustainable energy, to help your body to feel much better, to help you be energized throughout your workout, and to help you be a little more ‘super’ each and every day.

It’s not only their dedication to high quality, nutrient dense ingredients that makes Supernola so super… but the power of the superfood ingredients themselves!

They’ve carefully hand-picked each of their suppliers and are proud to work with and support many fair-trade organizations, family-run businesses, and local farms. They source as local and as direct from the actual producer as possible and are proud to know where each of their ingredients comes from.


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