030: Enhance The Flavor Of Any Meal! With Dustin Gersch, Creator of Paleo Powder Seasonings

By his late 20s, after years of playing Texas football and eating Texas BBQ, Dustin Gersch weighed more than 300 pounds, and his unhealthy eating habits were having real, undesirable effects on his life. In 2010, he started doing CrossFit and quickly saw improvements in his fitness level, but he still needed to address his eating habits. Dustin chose to follow a Paleo lifestyle and within a year, he lost more than 50 pounds. He had found a lifestyle that helped him drop fat and gain muscle…while still allowing him to enjoy Texas BBQ.

In fact, it was that love for Texas BBQ that led Dustin to create Paleo Powder. As he looked at seasoning blends he had traditionally used to flavor his BBQ, he realized all of them contained MSG, gluten or some unhealthy ingredient or additive. He realized he was going to have to make his own – and Paleo Powder Seasoning was born…

Paleo Powder is a line of great tasting, versatile seasoning blends formulated to enhance the flavor of almost any dish without the unhealthy ingredients and disruptive additives found in most seasoning blends. They exist to provide the everyday home cook flavorful, one-stop, healthy seasoning blends.

Their products include Paleo Powder Original, Paleo Powder Pink (made with Himalayan pink salt), Paleo Powder Salt-Free, Paleo Powder Herbed – Salt-Free and Paleo Powder AIP. All of their blends are MSG free, gluten free, Certified Paleo, Whole30 Approved and GO TEXAN. They are independently owned and operated.

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