018: Gettin’ Nutty with the Founder of Performance Nut Butter, Travis Marziani

Four years ago, Travis Marziani quit his corporate job to follow his dreams and to travel the world, while also running a successful online business. Since then Travis’ dream has become a reality. He has started his own podcasts such as, “How to do Your 20’s” and “Build My Online Store”, and is currently launching a Kickstarter for his new company, Performance Nut Butter; geared towards people looking to eat vegan, paleo, keto or generally healthier on the go. Recently, I had a chance to try this nut butter and let me tell you, it’s the best tasting nut butter I have ever tried! Not only was it amazing, it packs a special punch as the main nut is macadamia!!

Instagram: @performancenutbutter

Performance Nut Butter Kickstarter Page

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