017: Biohack Your Way to Clean Eating with Australian Biohacker Dayne Barkley!

Dayne Barkley is enormously passionate about optimizing human performance and wellbeing and strongly believes in investing in your own health and personal development. Optimal health to Dayne is a total alignment of your hormones, circadian rhythms, sleep patterns, energy, cognitive function, physical & cardiovascular strength and mindset. Dayne specializes in the optimization of sleep, nutrition, movement, environment, lifestyle, habits & psychology to upgrade and enhance human performance and potential. It all starts with the basic foundations of reconnecting to the planet we live on. This episode is chalk-filled with the content you need to begin biohacking today!

Resources from the episode:

Instagram: @daynebarkley


Miracle Morning

Oura Ring (use code DAYNE10 for 10% savings)

Headspace Meditation App


Desiccated Beef Liver

Grill’d (Australia)

Rebounder Trampoline