015: Fuel Your Fight Nutrition Owner Jordyn Stradley Talks Functional Medicine, Gut Health, and Combatting Laziness.

Jordyn Stradley is a Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and IT Consultant. Odd mix, I know. She couldn’t decide on just one so she chose to rock both nutrition and computers. AND she is crushing it. Jordyn loves strong coffee, heavy weights, Archer marathons, and great whiskey.

Jordyn utilizes the power of food and supplementation to help her clients battle digestive disorders, hormone dysfunction, and skin conditions. She also specializes in athletic performance and pain management.

Although Jordyn’s education focuses heavily on traditional methods of healing, she develops therapy plans that are appropriate for modern day living. In other words, she knows that not everyone has 48 hours to dedicate to making their own bone broth. Not everyone lives in temperate climates where organic produce is easily accessible. If you’re like Jordyn and live in a cold place that resembles Planet Hoth from Star Wars, you know that plant life just can’t survive in a place where even Tauntauns cannot. Her point is there are ways to live a happy, thriving life in even the most inconvenient geographical locations.

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