014: Hustle Never Tasted So Good with Wise Ape Tea CEO Joe Scola’s New Chocolate Hustle!

On Joe Scola’s quest to prolong his father’s life, he became obsessed with researching alternative natural methods for trying to help him fight this terminal disease. Joe had begun digging deep into the naturally occurring components in teas and herbs that had been used for centuries to fight illness and promote health. Joe had also personally begun using tea more frequently as a form of meditation and stress control.It was in this period of time that Joe was reminded how health, wellness, and entrepreneurship were always something he and his father connected on. The Wise Ape is very much symbolic of these principles, representative of the perfect balance between strength and wisdom.Wise Ape was founded to help provide products to those that push forward on a quest for wellness, knowledge, and productivity. The Wise Ape team designed this mission to be altruistic at its core, with each of their tea blends raising funds for a unique charitable cause. Wise Ape aims to empower their tribe members to find a balance between mind and body, evolve consistently, and together become a tribe of Wise Apes.

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