009: Kids and Nutrition; The Shocking History of Sugar and Saturated Fat, Including Why Your Body Struggles to Recognize Food with James Connolly.

James Connolly is an artist and Chef in New York City. After graduating from The School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, he worked as a realist painter, draftsman, and sculptor, showing in galleries across the US and in Europe. He lived in England for a short time, and it was there that he developed a real passion for food, food systems, and nutrition. He trained as a chef at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons in England and The French Culinary Institute in NYC, and in addition to being trained in food preparation, he’s focused his studies on the nutritional aspects of food, issues with obesity and the historical and current model of food systems. In 2010, James co-founded Bubble, a program that helps educate families about nutrition and fitness, specifically when it comes to kids and the condition of school lunches today. James enjoys funding food documentaries and is also now raising his own children and teaching them, along with his wife, the value of nutrition and eating well.

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